Mynn’s Top 10 Things to Do in Jeju Island

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Being a fan of South Korean music, movies and dramas; I’ve always imagined Jeju Island to be sort of a magical place. It is constantly described as an elusive spot for a romantic vacation or a place to runaway from the realities of life. With its stunning beaches, lovely countryside, beautiful scenery and luxurious seaside resorts– the island is exactly as how it is depicted. It is the most popular honeymoon destination for Korean newlyweds and attracts drove of tourists all throughout the year.

Mynn's Top 10 Things to do in Jeju Island -

Jeju Island is South Korea’s largest island, located off the Southern coast of the Korean peninsular, on the Korea Strait. The island is South Korea’s only Special Autonomous Province, becoming a province of its own in 1946. Several areas on Jeju Island are designated UNESCO World Heritage sites.

I had the opportunity to visit the island in Spring– a great time to witness the lushness of…

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