Dental and Gums Clinic Phuket Review by jackie

dental and gums clinic

I have used this dentist for several years.  I was referred by Phuket International Hospital so felt like I was in good hands.

My first visit was kinda of emergency as I was working in the middle east and was in Thailand a short time before returning.  I was thankful that they spoke english and very friendly staff.  Unusual in the US to get right in and when I arrived  wow  No waiting!  The total cost to remove 3 teeth and the bridge was around $200    Quality was great.

They also work on kids, gentle  and common sense service.

This trip this week,  I need a tooth removed and the problem is it is one of the anchor teeth that holds my bridge in place.  She said she could do a root canal and crown 10,000 baht ( $285) or would be cheaper to just build a new bridge.  That is the way I am going.



Monday thru Friday 9am to 8pm

Saturday thru Sunday 9am to 8pm

dental and gums clinicdental and gums clinic


for larger google map click here

map dental and gum clinic


we always recommend having travel medical and evacuation insurance

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