Bimi Beach Club Surin Beach Phuket Thailand Review by jackie

Bimi Beach Club on Surin Beach


Bimi Beach Club on Surin Beach Phuket Thailand

This was my first actual visit but have been by there several times.

I was with a friend from the USA and was showing him Surin beach and certainly wanted him to see Bimi Beach club.  I have photograph Surin Beach many times but had never visited the Bimi Beach Club.

 Bimi Beach Club on Surin Beach

It is a nice place right off the beach with the Double Tree by Hilton Resort 
and the Twinpalms Phuket Resort just behind the Club.  There has been changes here in Thailand after the military took over.  One of the things that has changed are the public beaches.  Many business took over part of the beaches and the military has removed them along with some beach chairs and umbrellas.  Bimi Beach club was one of them that had to remove some of what made this place cool.

before the military removed beach chairs

and now

This has happen all beaches on Phuket Island not just Surin or Bimi beach Club

Now my recent visit and review

We went there for the entertainment and nightlife.  Maybe it was the time we were there but I was disappointed.  The music was good with a disc jockey, serving a buffet which was very good but was expecting more!   As he was single, we were  hoping to party and meet people.  Great place for an evening sunset meal and drinks but not much on the “club” or “party” I will visit again, maybe next trip more party.

Bimi Beach Club on Surin Beach


DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Hotel Phuket, Thailand



Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 4.38.51 PM

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