A Day in Singapore’s Chinatown

She Walks the World

During my last visit to Singapore, I spent time exploring the city and visiting several of its attractions. So on my one day visit to the Lion City this time, I decided to stay put in one place and explore the area– Chinatown.

A Day in Singapore's Chinatown - www.shewalkstheworld.com

Singapore’s Chinatown is located within the larger Singaporean district of Outram. Walking out of the MRT Station at Chinatown, I was instantly thrust into the hustle and bustle of its shopping street. There was a busy traffic of people; walking, shopping, pushing. Vendors were standing by the side of their stalls; some oblivious to the commotion, some calling out to their possible buyers. There were also groups of chilled-out travelers just sitting in the many food stalls with several beers on the table; drinking and people-watching. And of course, from time to time there’s that occasional picture-taking tourist who would stop right smack in the middle…

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