Hepatitis types and then cover Hepatitis A by jackie

Hepatitis  is a medical condition defined by the inflammation of the liver and characterized by the presence of inflammatory cells in the tissue of the organ. we are not doctors but bring to you reliable information from sources… Read More

World Hepatitis Day July 28th by jackie

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Surin Beach from the Bimi Beach Club photo of day by jackie

  Can View more of Surin Beach here   HILTON PHUKET ARCADIA RESORT & SPA, Thailand

Papillon Bar and Restaurant Kamala Review by jackie

  Papillion Bar and Restaurant is in Kamala Phuket Island Thailand. I was staying with a friend that was at a Villa Lila and was walking by (only about 50 meters away) and the colors got my attention. As… Read More

Peter’s Places Around Hanoi

Originally posted on Peter's Big Adventure:
After living in Hanoi for 1 year, I felt like I should probably make a few posts listing the “Best Of” for everything in Hanoi. But then I realized that, if…