Tip Top Car and Motorbike Rentals Rawai Thailand Review by jackie

TIP Car and Motorbike

Tip Top Car and Motorbike Rentals Rawai Thailand

If looking to rent a car or motorbike and in southern part of Phuket Island a great place to do business with very friendly people that is family owned and speak very good english. Honest and I highly recommend them.  They have been in business for 6 years.

They have several cars to choose from

TIP Car and Motorbike


TIP Car and Motorbike

TIP Car Rental

They dont take credit cards, only Thai Baht, so when renting require a deposit or leave passport.  We suggest paying the deposit.

They will help you check out the car or motorbike before you leave and they suggest taking photos to protect yourself.

TIP Car and Motorbike

They only rent cars and motorbikes for Phuket Island so only local rental!  They will deliver and pick up. Check with them for specifics on delivery!  They also have a taxi service on the Island.

Tip is also does properties, so if interested can help you find property here on the Island.


1/32 Wiset Road

Rawai, Phuket


Phones 086 943 3339 or 089 497 4461

Their FB page is

Tip Top Car and motorbike rentals


TIP Car Rental map


If headed south from Phuket Town on Choafa Road, go thru Chalong Circle towards Rawai.  Past the light after going thru Chalong circle will be on the left side of the road past the 7/11. Across the street is Serenity Resort.

TIP Car Rental
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