Updating Luxury: Renovations on the Paradise Luxury vessels

Halong Bay Cruise and Hotel Blog - Paradise Vietnam

Always looking for ways in which we can stay ahead of the game, this year will see a complete renovation of our Luxury vessels, ensuring that Paradise Cruises is still providing the best cruises in Halong Bay.

ParadiseVietnam_Renovation (1)

The four Paradise Luxury cruise have always constituted the finest fleet in the Bay. Together the fleet offers a total of 68 cabins, with each vessel housing an elegant dining room, a relaxing onboard spa, and an incredible sundeck with wrap-around views. Earlier in the year we introduced themed royal evenings and traditional tea demonstrations to the delight of our guests, the popularity of the activities evident from the great luxury Halong Bay tour reviews.

But now we have taken the Luxury vessels a step further by refreshing the design concept. The cabins have been fitted with more comfortable beds making sure that everyone sleeps soundly when they cruise with us…

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