Clip!! Wat Sra Long-Ruea in Kanchanaburi – Dragon Village in Suphanburi Thailand. by KanyaBotan.

Wat Sra Long-Ruea in Kanchanaburi Thailand. This The boat is Swan Boat of The world’s largest is in the big lake of the temple. The entrance for go to the Swan Boat is The Rahu Statue. Inside is the drawing about another star. The pathway is drawing about another aphorism. The top of the Swan Boat is the Relics and have the mural about the deities too. The exit is 3 headed elephant. The temple still have building the Somdet Phuthachan Tho Statue too.

Mungkorn [Dragon] Sawan Village or Lee-Jeang Village is in Suphanburi Thailand. Here is near the Shrine of God of the city of Suphanburi and The Dragon Descendants Museum.  The village sign have both stilts and plates large beside too. This village is mimicking about the buildings Chinese style. The building have 2 sides, face to face and have small ditch, corridor in the middle have the roof long throughout the village Inside the village have many shops, Restaurants, Souvenir shop, The Theater 4 D, Coffee shop, hotel etc. The front of the village have View Point Tower but today don’t for open, the front have 2 Monolithic carved made from Chong-U City from China, don’t touch. This area still have turbine baler and make good view for take the photos and make to forget about the hot weather too. See more :

map of Wat Sra Long-Ruea in Kanchanaburi

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 8.34.39 PM

by KanyaBotan

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