Cream Cheese Biscuits, With Butter Too (Chiang Mai, Thailand)


biscuit 8I made these quick. The biscuit, who doesn’t love it. Scone or biscuit, I think this is a true biscuit, no messing about with this one. We’re in the middle of a crisis, the baby just keeps on crying…

I told my wife I want to take her to the mountains, leave her with the Monks. She’ll like the mountains. I know I do, and I often wish that someone would deliver me to the mountains where I can live out the rest of my life growing corn, or trying my hands at coffee farming…

To be fair, it’s me who really wants to go to the mountains. Alice can stay, because she’s cute, and ours, and I guess I can put up with a bit of crying now and then. Hell, I have the solace of work, an excuse my wife doesn’t have.

I was discussing biscuits. Not just…

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