Laem Sing Beach Phuket Thailand Travel/Photo Book Just Published by jackie

Laem Sing Beach Just Published by jackie


Laem Sing or Singh is a small beach located on Phuket Island west coast Thailand. Located between between larger and more popular beaches of Kamala and Surin. I like it because few people go there but more for taking photos , with sunsets, boulders, waves, tropical trees. During the rainy season often the currents are strong so always be careful swimming. I prefer when taking photos the wind and clouds and late in the evening. But even during rainy season, lot of sunny days good for swimming. There are a few little places to eat on the beach. The view from the view point is beautiful but dont let the boulders fools you, still nice beach down there.

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soft cover printed book and hard cover  Standard Landscape 10×8 in. 25×20 cm  22 pages

PDF for any device

Ebook for iPad, iphone

Laem Sing Beach
Laem Sing Beach
Phuket Thailand
By Jackie Littletaylor
Photo book

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