Kamakura Japan. by KanyaBotan.

Hasedera Temple is located in the city of Kamakura in Kanaga Province, was the former capital of Japan for more than 141 years, Located southwest of Tokyo. At the Kamakura Station we want to go to Hasedera Temple so we need to take Enoshima Electric Railway for going to Hase Kanagawa, it’s a small railway, a small long way for go in to community, have many colors. Hasedera Temple is one of the most important temples in the provinces Kamakura, is the most important temples in the sect’s Jodo in Japan. Open 08:00 to 17:30 Adults 300 Yen, 100 Yen for children for a ticket. Came down from the hill of temple. Walk to the left of the temple, have a Torii and a cave so can to walk to inside, the Buddha carved out of the cave walls, a small pond and walkway for to exit.

Great Buddha of Kamakura Japan or Daibuzu Buddha is means “Big Buddha” Located at Kotoku-in Temple in Kamakura Japan. Open 08.00 – 17.00 hrs. Admission:  adults 200 Yen, for children 150 Yen. Great Buddha of Kamakura name is Amida Nyoyurai Buddha Statue built by bronze, height of 13.35 meters. The Buddha high 11-meter and weighs approximately 122 tons. Completion Year 1252. This road still have Shugenji Temple in The Nichiren Sect. This place originally was resident of Shijo Kingo Yorimoto (Born 1229 – Died 1296) He is a 1 in 4 important people of the Nichiren sect in Edo period. When he died, this place has remodeled to a the Holy place or temple of Nichiren sect. Read more :



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  1. I have always wanted to go to Japan, I have been to Okinawa and it is similar, but not the same. Good video.

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