Tokyo Bay to Tokyo Tower Japan by KanyaBotan.

Tokyo Bay, Last name was Edo Bay, it was name is old capital of Japan. Later on just change the name of the capital to Tokyo so change the name to Tokyo Bay too and have The Rainbow Bridge is connection to Odaiba Island. After we leave from The Tokyo Giant Sky Wheel or Palette Town Ferris, we going by the train by Aomi Station for going to Odaiba Station, 250 Yen / person.  Just walk on sky park or sky walk in front the Aquacity Odaiba, shopping mall to the beach and walk to the Daiba Port. At The Daiba Port we are going to Tokyo Tower by the ferry for go to The Port of Tokyo, name is Hinode Port, 480 Yen / person. Have schedule, time, prices and name the port where want to go. Inside the ferry is 2 floor, luxurious and important with just us, 2 person. Good bye Odaiba, haft hour for going to Hinode Port in Tokyo and pass under The Rainbow Bridge. Today (10 March 2015) is raining and not nice sky. Leave The Hinode Port we just ahead by the map for walk to Tokyo Tower, still raining and cold too much and this is the tunnel of the canal and railways and out, it is a residential neighborhood. I bought The Dango Dessert, 100 yen from super market, it is sticky dough topped with syrup, honey smells, sit and eat in Shiba Koen Park and watching the Sakura flowers too.

Zojoji Temple is near Tokyo Tower Japan. This  is the main temple of Buddhist sect in the Kanto region. This temple was built around the year 1393.  The temple is open daily, Admission is free. We walked from Hinode Port till to meet Shiba Koen Park for watching the Sakura Flower just a minutes and walk again. But really Zojoji Temple is have Akabanebashi Station, Shiba Koen Station and Onarimon Station are near the temple and walk about 10 minutes. The Sangedatsumon Main Gate in front the Zojoji Temple, It was built in 1622 and which is the only one buildings of the old traditional. It is the oldest wooden structure in Tokyo. Constructed with wood, the 2-story, the gate height 21 meters  and wide 28.7 meters. The other buildings in the temple all was rebuilt new up. Daiden (Hondo) is a main hall of Zojoji Temple, was rebuilt in 1974 by combining the traditional Buddhist temple architecture with a modern architecture. Inside The Daien (Hondo) is Enshrined Amida Buddha Statue and The Mausoleum of the Tokugawa Shoguns is located at the rear of the temple. (No. 4 in the map). Have been designated National Treasures of Japan. Today (10 March 2015 raining and cold.) we are lucky for can to see activity of all the monks. The Daibonsho bell was completed in 1673 and was renowned as one of the “Three Great Bells of the Edo Period”. The bell weighs 15 tonnes and is rung twice a day, early morning and evening. The Jizo Statues is a symbol of Children’s soul who don’t have born or abortion before birth. The parents can choose a statue in the garden and decorate it with clothing and toys.

Tokyo Tower is a large communications tower located in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, the height 332.6 meters or 1,091 ft, building was completed on October 14, 1958. Tokyo Tower is one of the major attractions of the city of Tokyo. In one year, there were more than 2.5 million people visit the tower, the tower can be divided into three parts, the bottom is a 4-storey building, under the tower. It consists of two museums, shops, restaurants, etc… 900 yen / person for a ticket and on the top can to see The Zojoji Temple Tokyo Japan. We are very lucky for rain stop and open sky now so us can to see The Fuji Sang in evening. 2 storey for a panoramic view of the tower. Situated on a height of 150 meters, us are  on right now and 250 meters, not open for the service right now. (10 March 2015) Here can to see to The Rainbow Bridge and Palette Town Ferris (Daikanransha) or Giant Sky Wheel in Odaiba Island. Has a golf ball came on top here from someone and the officer just keep it for show to public. Here are also make a medals Tokyo Tower auto for as a souvenir, many type, many prices and also have a clear glass floor for who want to stand for looking or take the photos to down.

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