Dolphin, Beach, and Ocean Bars review Patong Phuket Thailand by jackie

I went there with an american friend of mine back in April.  Doug has been a regular customer of the Dolphin Bar for many years.

nightlife at the bar

There are 3 bars all together and actual you would not notice that they were 3 different bars if it was not for the signs outside.

Dolphin, Beach, and Ocean Bars Patong

Inside there is more than just the bars, also a tailor shop and looks like some other small shops. Plenty of pool tables but to play on one must be at the correct bar?  haha   We stayed at the “Dolphin Bar” as Doug knows many of the girls working there.  Drinks were good and a fair price. We did eat and that was also good.

dolphin Bar drink menu Patong

The bars are just off the Patong Beach

Patong Beach 2015 16x9

We had a good time and would recommend  all three bars.    The girls there were friendly and service good with lot of laughs and LOT of DRINKS

Map of where and can click here for a larger map

Map of the Dolphin Bar Patong


If you looking for a place to stay  try 

World Nomads


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