DAMRI Airport Bus (Jakarta Soekarna-Hatta Airport (CGK) – Gambir Station)

RailTravel Station

The DAMRI Airport Bus is one of the most economical and confortable ways for travellers to get from the airport to the city. DAMRI operates many routes to Jakarta and it’s surroundings (colloquially known as Jabodetabek), but the one that goes to the centre of the town, and also the most frequent route, is the bus to Gambir Station.

CGK Airport to Gambir

Upon arrival at the terminal, just walk out to the roadside area and find the signs pointing to DAMRI. In Terminal 2, it’s located at a dedicated bus stand at the end of the terminal. For Terminal 1, just go to the official bus stops by the road.

The Terminal 2 bus stand. Here, you can buy your tickets in advance from the DAMRI counter and staff at hand will announce each bus’s destination as they are ready for boarding. Many buses can depart at once to…

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