Grilled Skewered Milk Pork (Mu Ping Nom Sod) by Ying Ying


Grilled Skewered Milk Pork (Mu Ping Nom Sod) Everyone well know this menu. And it’s easy to find almost everywhere from street or even in food court in the leading department store. Today we recommend you to serve yourself at home with the easiest way. You can also adapt to barbecue pork. You may add any vegetables or anything you want. Just eat together with rice for simply delicious

Ingredient For 2-3 person Cooking time: 5 minutes (marinating 1 night) 1. 600 grams Pork 2. 1 cup Fresh milk 3. 5 Tbsp. Soy sauce 4. 5 Tbsp. Black soy sauce 5. 1 Tsp. Coriander seed powder 6. 1 Tbsp. coriander root 7. 1 Tbsp. Thai black garlic 8. 1 Tsp. Grounded pepper

How to cook 1. Cut fascia and ligaments out. Sliced pork and skewers not over than 3 cm. thick. Then mix with all ingredients together and marinate 1 night in the refrigerator. 2. Grill over medium heat until pork cook. 3. Mix the pork with marinating mixture and put in the refrigerate 1 hour until cool. And mix gently with marinated mixture and put in the refrigerator quickly.

Have you had this before  do you have a recipe you would like to share

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        • I follow you and enjoy your blog. I am glad you caught it. I live in Thailand and cook a little here but not much of an expert haha There are a couple that post for us that know what they are doing but english sometimes give them a little problem and relay on me to help! I missed it! I would have never caught it Thanks for helping I went and research coriander so thanks to you I learned something new! jackie

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