Manali in my thought, the beginning by Moksha

Manali…I heard this word first time when I was a Master’s student in Delhi, New Delhi,India.

Manali and Mountains

Thai students looking for a place to cool down in hot Delhi summer, Manali was always a favorite place,for many boys and girls to experience snow and adventure life style. And Whenever they returned from their trip, they always talked about their funny mountain road journey and crazy bus drivers.They always took some pictures of locals ,showing unique colorful outfit “manali style” which you will not be able to see from anywhere else in the world .They also told us about history behind the design of these outfits.They also shared some stories about how they made friends with people from various countries.
Let this bond of international friendship always flourish.

Across the red bridge from New Manali to old manali...river called Manalsu River

Across the red bridge from New Manali to old manali…river called Manalsu River

And the conversation of the beautiful landscape of Manali and the wonderful Beas River always remained in some part of my head. Keeping my imagination and moving on in my life,i always looked forward to make my Manali trip come true one day.

Manali sits at 6,000 ft.near the head of Kullu Valley in north-central Himachal Pradesh.It is 523 km.north east of Delhi.It is about 14 hours by AC. luxury bus from Delhi, every evening around 18:00. One night in bus, you reach Manali at around 8 in the morning. When you open your eyes in Manali, you will find yourself in a different world compared with the big city you just have left.Beautiful mountainside of the gigantic Himalayas make you easily surrender yourself to an entity called Manali.First thing which mesmerises you is the beautiful Beas River running along the highway, welcoming you to the wonderful charming place. The bus, slowly moving to the town, passes through apple orchards and old wooden houses with exquisite wooden balconies.

And now here i am,sitting in an apple orchard in the heart of Manali,called Old Manali,which is the favorite place for backpackers and many tourists who really want to have the wild Manali touch and would love to start their nature journey here. Some of them love to travel by road from here to Laddakh and drive on the highest motor road. Others love to go on wild tracks with local guides.

Old manali road..full of restaurants, clothes,jewelly,stones and lots more.

Old manali road..full of restaurants, clothes,jewelly,stones and lots more.


Let me take you to other stories of Manali in various aspects in the next chapters..see you soon.


map of Manali  click here for a larger map

Map Manali

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