Wat Thum Mungkorn Thong in Kanchanaburi Thailand. by KanyaBotan.

Wat Thum Mungkorn Thong in Kanchanaburi Thailand, is at foothills and inside is the cave, 95 stairway and 2 Dragons. About 7 km away from the city, this temple was built in 1904. From Sangchuto Road and turn left and from Kanchanaburi town hall to Maeklong Bridge across the river to the temple about  1.5 Km. Inside the hall  the outer have footprint of Buddha at middle of hall and many Buddha statues are innermost of hall. The back of the Buddha statue there is a small opening into the cave. When came in the cave, left is a statue’s Hermits name is Luang Pu Khaw. The walkway in the cave and have the lighting too. After emerge from the cave there is the forest just to walk down to the temple again. At the out side area of the temple, the monk just give me about blessing before to go back down from the temple. Front of the church are the shops for sale about many products, foods, desserts, souvenirs.


Map for Wat Thum Mungkorn Thong

Wat Tham Mangkorn thong map



by KanyaBotan.

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