Cha-am Beach in Phetchaburi Thailand. by KanyaBotan.

Cha-am Beach in Phetchaburi Province Thailand, is a popular tourist destination, both in Thai people and foreigners. The beach is in area Gulf of Thailand. Stay away from Phetchaburi City 41 kilometers and turn left onto the beach, a distance of 2 kilometers. Originally Cha-am is just one district of Nong Chok District Phetchaburi Province. Somdej the Prince Narathip Prapanpong has found that “Cha-am” is a beautiful beach and has developed into a tourist attraction. Resort of royalty in those days. And later moved the office Nong Chok district came to The district  Cha-am and renamed “Cha-am”. According to legend, King Naresuan Been coming here with Somdej Eka-Thosarot, his brother. They had enjoyed in the beauty of this beach so much. They stayed for several days and The locals called this beach. “Hat Chao Samran” to right now. The coastal area in Laem Phak Bia in Phetchaburi province to Bang Saphan in Prachuap Khiri Khan province, The length over 200 km. King Bhumibol was to graciously royal permission to called “King Naresuan Coastal”. In order to demonstrate the bravery, The talent of King Naresuan, and to promote the honor of the King of Thailand, for his name appears on the map.


Map of Cha-Am Beach  click for larger map 

Cha-Am beach Thailand

by KanyaBotan.

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