How to be polite in Southeast Asia

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Sustainable tourism isn’t just about carbon offsetting, conservation centres and eco-lodges. When we talk about responsible travel, we’re also talking about supporting local businesses, respecting local cultures, and promoting mutual understanding between our own culture and those we visit.

This is why it’s of the utmost importance that you familiarise yourself with the local customs of your destination country (or countries) before you travel. You don’t need to get it right all the time – but a little work goes a long way! If local people can see that you’ve made the effort to learn about their culture, they can see that you care – and will be much more likely to care about you in return.

In this blog post we’ll cover all the main etiquette dos and don’ts for Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Though customs do differ across countries and regions, there are many areas of overlap –…

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