Wat Gatmudee Sriwararam in Samut Sakorn Thailand. by KanyaBotan.

Wat Gatmudee Sriwararam in Samtut Sakorn Thailand, was built in year 1963 is located at Bangtorad, Muang Samut Sakhon. Temple name meaning “It is of the greatest desires” by Phor Banthoon Singha (Mr.Jeam Kunaburt).


The chapel is a large with a very high can see from the person’s height and the height of the chapel. Within have a Buddhist temple Phra Puttha- Chinarat Buddha Statue is enshrined. Which looks like the Buddha in Phitsanulok province in Thailand. Now the temple want to building the hospital by sale about lottery and from the money Donation.
The meaning of Wat Gatmudee Sriwararam is as housing the greatest auspicious Maha place of those who have the desire the highest. This temple was allowed to build a temple on August 28, 1963 Phor Banthoon Singha (Mr.Jeam Kunaburt) along with relatives who dedicate land to build the temple. He pioneered and have turned this place.
Phra Baromathat Gatmudee is relics inside, total height of 109 meters, with a budget of 580 million baht for the construction within two years and the women can’t on the pagoda. But the can to pay homage to bottom of the pagoda.

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Map for Wat Gatmudee Sriwararam  click for larger map

Wat Gatmudee Sriwaram


By KanyaBotan.

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  1. Amazing people and beautiful country . seriously I am in love.


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