Wat Muang in Ang-Thong Thailand. by KanyaBotan.

Wat Muang is located at Moo 6 Tambon Hua Taphan, Wiset Chai Chan, Angthong in Thailand. Take the way by Ang Thong – Suphan Buri About 8 km from the city, the  temple will be on your left. you can to see the towering Big Buddha. We went on April 13, 2558 is Songkran’s day, so a lot people came for pouring water to Luang Phor Yai for to the prosperity in the new year of Thailand.

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“Phr Puttha Maha Nawamin Tora-sakaya-muni Sri wiset Chai-chan” or “Luang Phor Yai” is a large statue of Buddha. The height from the base to the top of hair Buddha 95 meters, equivalent to a 40 storey building and a width of lap 63.05 meters. Which walk circled the Buddha Statue is take more than three minutes. Construction began on March 9, 1991 was completed on 27 July 2007. All funds used in building 104,261,089.65 THB (Thai Baht). From donations of the faithful. The total period of 16 years, for to honor to King Bhumibol on the occasion of the 85th Birthday Anniversary and The Queen Sirikit 80th Birthday Anniversary. “Phr Puttha Maha Nawamin Tora-sakaya-muni Sri viset Chai-chan” or “Luang Phor Yai” Buddha Statue is visible from a distance. This is the important Buddha of Wat Muang  and Ang Thong Province.

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The chapel in lotus, the pink walls, inside is the Buddha statues and a statue of the famous maestro monks. Phra Viharn Keaw Rattana Phram- Suwannapal The Glass Chapel, The ground floor is a museum of sacred objects and antiques. Open Saturday – Sunday 09:00 to 17:00 hrs. and the monk statues around the country.  Upstairs sacred is Buddha Silver Statue “Luang Phor Ngern” genuine silver livery as the biggest in Thailand. Built to commemorate the occasion of the Throne 50 years. And a glass casket that preserves the fairest of Luang Phor Kasem Archan-sako former abbot of Wat Muang who the pioneering this temple. This temple have a lot puppet and sculpture, near is shops, restaurants, fish ponds restroom. The Model of the hell, for teach anyone to be afraid committing a sin.

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The model the Iuthheete of King Naresuan and The Viceroy Myanmar in the war period of Thailand – Burma.


Map Wat Muang click here for larger map

Wat Muang Thailand map


by KanyaBotan.


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