Pink Temple in Nakon Nayok Thailand. by KanyaBotan.

Pink Temple or Wat Khao Durian, Located at Khao Phra, Muang Nakon Nayok in Thailand, 5 kilometers away from the city. By the way Rangsit – Nakon Nayok Road. Trees market at Rangsit Nakon Nayok ,Klong 15 is big market for sale about the another tree.

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At Angkaruk market I meet Mr. Mike from Germany, his parents was pass away but now live in Thailand long time and when have free time just help the uncle for sale the vegetable and don’t think to back to Germany because he love Thailand. My breakfast  in Tukta Jok shop, still have other foods and the people like to came to this shop too. I order Tom Lead Moo, Khao or pork soup with rice and Khao Pad or fried rice.

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Wat Kao Durian is everything in this temple are all pink color and have Japanese Military Cemetery but now the temple want to show about pink temple and good toilet. The restroom are pink restrooms and everything just pink and front have small garden and waterfall too. The Patriarch have been to Wat Kao Durian and  was Happy Toilet Award 2009.

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The chapel over 200 years old just walk to small hill but don’t far, The stair is King of Nagas Statues. Inside the pink chapel have Buddha Statue and nice mural about history of Buddha. Wat Khao Durian Created by Mon. Then restoration by the people of Laos, Vientiane. Immigrants in the early Rattanakosin period. Evidence listed a temple on the year 1877 to the present, 2013, for the time 226 years ago, first called “Wat Hua Khao”.  Later, the villagers that see the area above the north of the temple have many Durian trees  and them was change the named  to “Wat Khao Durian ”

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Map of Wat Khao Durian  click on the link for a larger map    You may also see the name Wat Khao Thurian   both are used 
map wat Khao Durian
by KanyaBotan.

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