The most luxury ..Mushroom from Himalayas by Moksha



Walking through the Great Himalayan Pine Park in Manali, Himachal Pradesh,India..

.found the local ladies were busy with their work,finding the wild mushrooms,after the winter has gone and the season is going to change..there is always lots of rain by the month of March..local ladies will come out from home and go to forest looking for their food,if they are lucky enough they also can sell in the market.Today i found myself lucky too.After following the groups for sometimes she found GUCCHI  (Morchella esculenta) the most expensive wild mushroom, They grow in conifer forest across temperature regions and the cool foot hill of the Himalayas, in Himachal, Jammu Kashmir,Uttraranchal.Dried mushrooms will cost around Rs.1,400-1,500 for only 100 grams.or around 200 US.Dollars per kilo…it considers that cucchi is the most expensive wild mushroom as the named also luxury…in the incredible india….i heard about it since i have been here and today i have seen some of them by myself, fresh not in the market.

additional info at wikipedia 

map of Great Himalayan Pine Park

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