Tokyo Station in Tokyo Japan. by KanyaBotan.

We leave from The Kusunoki Masashige Statue,  located at Tokyo Imperial Palace, we are walking to see about the another Building in Tokyo City.

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Tokyo International Forum is a multi-purpose conference center. Located near at Tokyo Station and Yurakucho Station. Construction was completed in 1996. The center consists of a large conference room with capacity for 5,000 people, and small meeting room are 7 rooms.  The exhibition hall, lounges, restaurants and other amenities.

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Our lunch, Near the Tokyo Station is have many food shops because this area is lots office and they will have lunch around this area too. The prices is not much expensive this 2 set are 1700 Yen. It are Udon and rice with fried chickens on top and this one is rice with fried pork on top and clam chowder.

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Tokyo Station Built in year 1914. is is the main train station in Tokyo. Located in the Marunouchi in Chiyoda-ku one area of Tokyo Special Administrative Region, Japan. Near the Tokyo Imperial Palace and commercial district Ginza. Tokyo Station is a train station that has the busiest intercity trains in and out of one of Japan’s more than 3,000 trains / day and have people through most of eastern Japan was ranked fifth. Tokyo Station is also the railway junction of the Shinkansen  (High speed train). Most train. Tokyo Station is service between the city and local trains, Shinkansen. (High speed train) of Japan Railway Group and the Tokyo Metro is Subway. 1 in 2 providers in the Tokyo subway.

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The Exit of one side of Tokyo Station.

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By KanyaBotan.

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