The Tokyo Imperial Palace in Tokyo KanyaBotan.

The Tokyo Imperial Palace of the Emperor of Japan. Located in the province Chiyoda, Tokyo Japan, near Tokyo Station.


Today (12 March 2015) we want to visit only in Tokyo so we must buy the one day ticket is price includes, throughout the day until midnight in prices 750 Yen/ person. At Tokyo Station is first place for where to see and we are walk by following GPS, till to see Building a European style in red. this is Tokyo Station but we went out other gate but good for can see the view and novelty for us because this is first time for us to came to Japan.


Reached the entrance area Tokyo Imperial Palace. is large ditch and a small bridge connecting, A stone wall surrounds within is a garden, trees, flower, fountain, bonsai.


Cross the street to the other side is The Edo Castle very popular point for the tourists take the photo. The Japanese Staff but can say English to me , he tell this is not main Building of The Imperial Palace, it just Building exterior and really main Building of The Imperial Palace is inside and can’t to see its from this way but can take the photo this area too.

jip36 jip39 jip38 jip37

The palace was originally the site of Edo Castle. Which is the residence of the shogun Tokugawa clan. The original palace was blow down during much of World War 2 and later, in 1964, was restored. The palace, which has a total land area of 3.41 square kilometers. January 2 and December 23 of each year of the king’s palace is open to the general public. To appreciate the grandeur of the royal family came out to meet the people of Japan to the balcony of the palace. Nijubash is means that Double Bridge which is a steel bridge on the back to connect to the palace. And stone bridges on the front to connect to the steel bridge which bridges the front is call Meganebashi and it’s mean the bridge glasses. Because the water comes from the reflection of two curved stone itself.
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Kusunoki Masashige was born in 1294 and passed away July 4, 1336 in Minato-gawa, Settsu province Japan, he is the Samurai, one of the soldiers of the greatest in the history of Japan in 1331 to join the Emperor Go-Daigo in the battle to wrest power. government by the Governor The military dictatorship that dominated Japan since 1192 and with loyalty to the king. He became a legendary hero of loyalty. This statue is located in front of the Tokyo Imperial Palace.
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