The Northwest route – VietNam – By Richard DO

For many, the Northwest route reminiscent many amazing things: the winding mountain pass road, cliff side Hmong village life between clouds and chilly; meadows, hills and deep green tea untouched stretches of sight on the Prairie Moc Chau; the famous monument has contributed to the victory of Dien Bien Phu legendary …
However, even a single paragraph Northwest obscure, compared with the traditional route so long that travelers have come across. That journey began from Yen Bai, the gateway to the northwest and the connections between the North East, North West and North Delta.

SX1A9085Photo By Richard DO

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From Noi Bai airport, we passed Phuc Yen, Viet Tri to Yen Bai. Yen Bai province Midlands, the gateway to the northwest of the Hoang Lien Son but is located in the basin of the two rivers, Thao rivers And Chay river. Therefore Yen Bai has owned one end of the Hoang Lien Son range with the tea plantation fields have relatively fertile rice, as they say in this charming.

SX1A8950Photo By Richard DO


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SX1A9282Photo By Richard DO

Follow route 37,from Yen Bai city we across the river Thao to Nghia Lo. The first stop of the route was at Nghia Lo commune – Van Chan district, the second largest basin in the northwestern mountains, fertile land, are natural Incentive. People are diligent care has become a major food bowl of the province. And as someone once called measured as a bouquet of beautiful Yen Bai. Beautiful by the diversity of terrain, landscape, plains, mountains, forests interspersed

SX1A8916Photo By Richard DO


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SX1A8921Photo By Richard DO

Road 32 across Khau Va pass, this is one of 4 biggest, longest and dangerous pass in VietNam. It is about 30 Km.

And of pass we was in Mu Cang Chai, places no stranger to those who prefer adventure tourism. we can say this is the homeland of the upland terraces winding queue floor strata layer on the slopes. A masterpiece by the brain, hands generations Ho Mong ethnic people create. Mu Cang Chai each season is one looks.
SX1A8874Photo By Richard DO

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The Northwest route some time go up some time go down bring us to Lai Chau than plateau Sin Ho away from Lai Chau about 60 Km. Sin Ho fair is always engulfed in fog but that day basking in sunny autumn, it making traditional uniforms of the people in the area more beautiful.

SX1A9134Photo By Richard DO

Fair mountains where not only the purchase, sale, or exchange of goods but also a place to meet and exchange between peoples everyday village that wants to be together they must pass several mountain, But only up here we can feel the spirit of fair mountains.

SX1A9253Photo By Richard DO

SX1A9259Photo By Richard DO

SX1A9266Photo By Richard DO

SX1A9269Photo By Richard DO

The difference of many grocery store as thousands of other markets, one sees here is the characteristic of each ethnic evoke feeling confident, close. Sellers kept silent not invite nor unsettled buyer that the buyer also kept silently selection. No one complained and no one chased when we recorded, photographed, on the contrary they are very happy and proud with their friends while being attentive to guests who attend.
SX1A9235Photo By Richard DO

SX1A9246Photo By Richard DO

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