Nippon Maru Ship Yokohama KanyaBotan.

After we leave from The Ferris Wheels in Yokohama Cosmo World, on the way I see this building is very striking this is Land Mark Tower.


Nippon Maru Ship, Located near Sakuragicho Station. Built in 1930 as a training ship in particular. Throughout the 54 years of the ship Nippon Maru was used. A cadet nearly 12,000 people came up to learn how to drive this ship. And has sailed the equivalent of 45.5 trips around the world, or nearly 2 million kilometers. It was retired in 1984, equivalent in Minato Mirai area infront Land Mark Tower in Yokohama. Admission free But now it is closed.


My Japanese friend take us by subway and walk till to this restaurant (I don’t know where I’m right now just only walk followed him) Inside the restaurant have Shoe Cabinet and change the shoes for walk inside, Red carpet stairs. The top layer is divided into chambers. In both sitting on the floor and sit on a chair and table. Food is set Staff lovely in kimono explain how to eat each set. The first set is the Sashimi set with side dishes such as tofu, steamed egg, sticky dough, vegetable and eaten with Wasabi.

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The second set is the hot pot. Staff explained that put everything into the pot of soup, except fish, waiting for everything to boiling so will dip the fish into the soup. And the Ice cream is dessert. She took photo for us because us are  tourists from Thailand.



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