Back to Bali: 8 Things to Love About Indonesian Island Life

Speck on the Globe


Back to Bali.  I returned this year to kickstart my big trip, visit a friend and get back into spending winter in my favorite place: Southeast Asia.  Last year was filled with so many remarkable experiences that Indonesia for me sat quietly on the sideline and I wanted to come back and dig into the culture and the country to find out a little bit more after only scratching the surface the year before.  This year it was easy to see why I had returned and I quickly remembered what drew me here in the first place.  Here is a list of 8 of the many reasons you’ll travel back to Bali year after year.

1.  Intriguing religion


Bali is an island of spirituality and it’s religious customs are deeply rooted in its culture.  The good with the bad is present in everything, showing even in the black and white…

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