The Giant Tree in Kanchanaburi Thailand. by KanyaBotan


This my trip want to go to see The Giant Tree in Koh Somrong Dan Makham-Thea in Kanchanaburi Thailand. You can drive car entrance to The Barracks [about breeding] and turn right, betake so have the label tell to The Giant Tree. his Giant Tree have about over age 100 years old. The width of the shrub about 1 Rai 204 Sq. Height 20 M. and here is area of the military so only open 6 am – 6 pm.tm87tm6tm5tm7tm8tm86tm4

I came to Dan Makham Thea town and see this shop so why have many persons so just to order some foods and yummy , menu are Som-tum or green papaya salad, Tub-wan or spicy liver, Kai Tod or fried chickens and Kaow Neaw or sticky rice. Thai dessert name is Kanom Khai Hong or fried dough with sugar and have mashed bean in the middle. Thai dessert name is Kluay Tod or Kluay Keag [Thai…

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