Palette Town Ferris (Daikanransha) Odaiba Japan. by KayaBotan.

PALETTE TOWN FERRIS (Daikanransha) or Giant Sky wheel is in Odaiba Island Japan. A height of 115 meters and 100 meters in diameter, opened in 1999


After walk to see the Sakura Flowers and Statue of Liberty replica in front the shopping mall and below is a sculpture on the beach are chain and anchor and can to see Rainbow Bridge. Aquacity Odaiba is time to open the mall, raining outside. Aquacity Odaiba is a shopping mall and the featured of here are the 5 floor is Ramen Food Theme Park, collect various kinds of ramen from all over Japan for here are many Ramen shop, many taste, many prices. Order to that the counter of the shop, pay and get queue and waiting to got it. This is Raman 790 Yen, Fried Dumplings 490 Yen.

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After lunch so walk again till to see The Giant Gundam Robot and GUNDAM Cafe, I get one dessert it’s like a hamburger, warm bread have the cream, fruit and mashed nuts inside 480 Yen.


I’m overlooking Ferris wheel is the distant so I walk on through the raining by just pass the Venus Fort MEGA WEB is a mall, show The Antique Cars.

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PALETTE TOWN FERRIS (Daikanransha) or Giant Sky wheel is spent 16 minutes in the Revolution with the slogan “16 minutes of memory”. Today (10 March 2015) is not good weather so can’t to see the Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree. 920 Yen/person. …See more / ภาษาไทย :


by KanyaBotan.

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