Hang En (Swallow Cave) – Quang Binh – VietNam by Richard Do

Before flying to Dong Hoi (Quang Binh), then according to the survey team of the National Park Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park to get to hang En, we ignorant about this place. No external website mentioned it a few news says En Cave National Geographic Magazine (USA) rated as one of the spectacular caves in the world.

In the morning, we km35 Ho Chi Minh trail from west branch and started tracing trails in primeval forests untouched stretch of sight.
Not long after we arrived in Japan Stop, a small village of Van Kieu mountain sides between smoking as isolated pig outside world.

The Doong is also the starting point of the whole journey weed mats aircraft mix vegetables, bananas, weeds and trees subjects She Hai aka Han leaves a toxic plant that anyone accidentally touching it, coat on the leaves will cause itching new weekly throughout it.

Increasingly difficult path to go by wild disperses, obscure, we decided to “march” to the stream Rao Thuong ventilation. Occasionally discovered countless colorful butterflies flying Arabic Aaron coastal reminiscent sentence “shallow water slit stuffed butterfly on stone” in song Shandong College School of Shanxi.
A43A8772Photo By Richard DO

Nearly afternoon, wading through all corner posts for banana bunch, suddenly found in front of the cave swallow was a strange feeling in my successive surges.

A43A8774Photo By Richard DO

Unique own En cave where there is no color and the green river breaker compartment, light shines from the cave ceiling skylights make the scene even more shimmering, magical. On the ceiling of the cave, stalactites are diversified group of thousands of swallows and bats, which is also called En Cave cause.

A43A8724Photo By Richard DO

A43A8756Photo By Richard DO

Hang En has a total length of 1,645 meters through a mountain and 3 bear cave entrance, located southeast, northwest of the flow stream Rao Trade Moreover, from a cave overlooking the northwest door with high vaulted cave more than 80m see immense vivid scenes



A43A8758Photo By Richard DO

A43A8728Photo By Richard DO

At night, we went to the place spread a net release. After an hour trawling we harvested 2 pot fish, but the fish always half the size wrist, enough to eat grilled skewers tree on the spot. And sleep to the gentle sound of whispering, soothing cool breezes of sliding into the cave as whispers of the forest, the mountains

A43A8760Photo By Richard DO

A43A8765Photo By Richard DO


A43A8780Photo By Richard DO

Map of National Park Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park Viet Nam

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