Go to Japan by myself. by KanyaBotan.

This my trip I want to go to Japan by my self not want to join tour group, because not need a visa just only a passport for into Japan. After I saw another information from internet and another clip on YouTube so very helpful me. (last time very difficult for Thai people for go to Japan, need many document.) By I’m booking package with AirAsiaGo.com flight by Air Asia X. Start first by just prepare before travel by Exchange from Thai moneys to Japan moneys (I never have been go to Japan before so I must alot Exchange about 180.000 Yen because I worry if be problem at on Immigration Checkpoint Japan) clothes, bag, shoes is comfortable shoes because to be much walk there. At Japan I’m must used many trains so I need the internet always for search to see about train schedule and prices so I’m rent Pocket wifi (Japan wifi) from Thailand about 200 Baht/ Day and the company will sent me at home before my travel and Website for help about trains line in Japan is HyperDia so comfortable for go to anywhere. :


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This is night travel 8 March 2015 I did Check-in by internet so I’m came to the Don Meang Air Port, infront have Self Check-in point  so I just scan the Barcode for take out Boarding Pass, for don’t have to Check-in line inside and pay 100 Baht/ person too. So I’m going to Bagging drop and wait to the counter open, get Immigration Document so save my time and can pass to inside for Immigration Checking point for check another documents and passport again and can walk to the gate for wait to plane, my flight is 23.45 Thailand time. On the plane not have serving meals but have sale service meals, drinks, snacks, gifts or souvenirs but expensive more than normal, sample are the water 40 Baht/ bottle, the coffee 60 Baht/ cup. So you should to already eat because 5-6 hours for flying and the Air Hostess be got you an Immigration and Customs Japan Document. In the morning is in Japan Sky, the weather outside is very cold until can to see the ice on the window ‘s plane. On the ground is Narita Air Port Japan is raining and very cold. Japan time is quickly than Thailand is 2 hour and this is 8 am Japan right now. Just to walk by yellow line for be got the bag and Immigration and Customs Japan Document checking, they are scan your finger and take photo and I’m get my bag so take out my cloth and change my shoes for really walk !!!


In the Narita Air Port are many counter types of vehicles for go to Tokyo but I choose to go by train and walk to Raiways , down staircase, I will go by Keisei Line – Ueno 1,030 Yen for to Keisei Ueno Station.  must go to Blue counter or Automatic ticket dispenser, choose how many person, choose the prices, put the money and it get your tickets, walk by blue line No.3 (No.3 is the platform), Insert the ticket into the barricade and get it back, walk to blue line down staircase again that is No.3 platform for go to Ueno end station, about 1 hour for travel so if you sleepy so you can sleeping.
How to buy tickets by Automatic ticket dispenser is you just to see the map on top your head for where you want to go, see the prices and choose the language and choose how many person and Insert the money and it will take out your tickets. But if you have HyperDia site so you can check all things before and when you came to Automatic ticket dispenser is not waste time to see the map.
In front the Keisei Ueno Staion, left hand is Ueno Park but I’m must across the road to opposite is Ueno Station for walk to Chisun Ueno Hotel I booked, can walk below for zebra crossing or will walk on flyover but I want to take the photos so choose to walk on the flyover. Here have the points for Smoking.

CHISUN HOTEL in Ueno I booked package with Air Asia flight tickets for go and back in prices 37,603.86 Baht for 2 persons, 4 nights (9-12 and checkout 13 March 2015) width of about 2.5 x 4 meters, room.
Really I can take a train from Ueno Station for go to Inaricho and exit No.3 door for near the hotel where I stay but I want to take the photos and see the city.
map to Chisun Hotel  click on hotel for larger map
Map Chisun Hotel
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By KanyaBotan

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