Grand Opening The NINE Tropical Lounge Bar and Restaurant by jackie

The Nine  Tropical Lounge Bar and Restaurant  in Chalong Phuket Thailand is a unique place and nothing like it Chalong Thailand! Grand opening April 18th 7 PM  The Nine  The place


Dining, music, steam room, jacuzzi,shower area, massage tables, and patio in the back for drinking and relaxing.

They feature Thai and European dishes with a well stocked bar and they serve Breakfast!

Nine Bar menu

The Nine


Inside the restaurant lovely dining experience

 The Bar Inside

The Nine bar inside Mai Tai at the Nine


Patio for dining drinking

The Nine Patio dining and bar outside

Steam Room and shower area

The Nine Shower area

Steam room The Nine

 Jacuzzi, massage area and tables

The Nine massage Area


whirl pool The Nine The Nine  Fun area


Just a lovely place with lot of care given to make your visit GREAT!

wall docorations the NINE


9/45-46 M 9 Chalong Choafa Road East

Muang Phuket Thailand

Phone: 66  0620518746

Hours:   8:30 morning to 2 am in the morning

open everyday with plenty of parking!

Map and directions

coming from Phuket Town just before Chalong Circle on the left

The Nine Sign toward Chalong Circle View from Choafa Road

 Click HERE for a larger map

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 6.51.44 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 6.50.19 PM

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