Home Beccanomics: Bun Cha Ha Noi

You Must Be Hungry

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Such good memories eating this. A key reason why I have many warm feelings towards Vietnam, on top of the organised chaos that speaks so well to me (you should see my room), abundance of street food and the generous hospitality found in the unlikeliest of places. Also, perhaps, it being the first stop on a trip most rebelliously taken, to the horror and surprise of my parents. Oh well! Good times chancing upon this dish, first in an attempt to buy only the pork coins that were so invitingly grilled on the outskirts of a bustling market, then on a street corner where locals were furiously dipping and slurping their springy bun, as though a South-east Asian soba. The explosion of flavours can’t be beat – curious tinge of mint and Vietnamese basil cutting through an incredibly umami broth of fish sauce and sugar infused with juices of…

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