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Becoming a monk in Thailand is an ideal for some young men, an aspiration and an intentional act to make merit. It requires much effort, constance and sacrifice, having to obey many rules and needing of a strong sense of commitment. But, what about the process? How is the everyday life of these young novices? At the end, either on their way to manhood or monkhood, they are just kids, learning how to be adults and living their childhood in different circumstances.

The four young teens from the photograph were just siting around the Grand Palace gardens, Bangkok, taking pictures with their phones, posing with their orange robes and smiling to the camera. They looked happy and healthy and they seemed to be enjoying their time with their mates, just as any other 15 year-old child would be.

However, their everyday life is quite different from other’s Thai boys. Life in monastery has rules…

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