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HALO is the world’s oldest and largest humanitarian landmine clearance organization

For more than two decades, we have set the standard for the sector through technical innovation and robust management. Find out more about how we lead the way for a safer future.  Link to their site 

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Cambodia Halo trust land mines

Although there was limited minelaying between the late 1960s and mid 1970s, the first significant use of landmines did not occur in Cambodia until the 1979 – 1989 Vietnamese occupation.

The Problem

Over 64,000 landmine and ERW casualties have been recorded in Cambodia since 1979, and with over 25,000 amputees Cambodia has the highest ratio per capita in the world.

Requirement for Continued Clearance

The results of Cambodia’s Baseline Survey are due to be published in early 2013. Findings to date have confirmed that there are many hundreds of km that require mineclearance in order that communities can live in safety.

As well as the continued requirement for accurate survey there is a requirement for more deminers in order to speed up clearance.

HALO Cambodia and the mine impacted communities we serve are grateful for current funding from the governments of Belgium, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, The Netherlands and The United States of America and the multi-donor Clearing For Results project implemented by the Cambodia Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority (CMAA). Significant donations are also provided by private groups and foundations including Freedom Fields USA, Rotary International, the Gould Family Foundation and the Hurvis Charitable Foundation.

We would like to thank current donors for their ongoing support and encourage new donors to support HALO’s life saving work.

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Give with Confidence

The HALO Trust is a company limited by guarantee
Registered in England No. 2228587
Registered Charity No. 1001813 and SC037870
Registered office: 50 Broadway, London SW1 0BL
The HALO Trust (USA), Inc. is a 501(c)3 corporation
Registered as a Charity in Scotland No. SC039625
Office: 1730 Rhode Island Ave NW, Suite 403, Washington, DC 20036

– See more at: http://www.halousa.org/fundraisers#sthash.xy3FGD3H.dpuf

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