Chinese Shrines Phuket Thailand by jackie

There are many Chinese Shrines or temples around Phuket Island.   Phuket has a large percentage of Chinese residents descended from those who emigrated from southern China a few centuries ago to work in the tin mine business as coolies.   These people brought with them their rich culture and traditions and these influences are evident in the number of Chinese temples and shrines.

Their religion was and still is predominantly a mixture of Buddhism incorporating with Chinese as well as Taoist gods. Red and yellow are the main colours used and animals such as dragons, lions and monkeys are also important symbols, seen around Chinese temples and shrines.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival is a great photo and involves many of the chinese shrines.

This is about some of my favorites with the camera

Tha Rue

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Hok Nguan Kung

old man on bike Chinese temple impression Hok Nguan Kung Shrine impression



Kiew Tien Keng

here is a map of all the Chinese Shrines Phuket click HERE for larger

chinese Shrines Phuket map of all


Always welcome comments,  have you been to any of these?  like to share your adventure?

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