The 34 Most Significant Ethnic Communities of Thailand

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Thailand has a long history of its inhabitants intermingling with those of other countries and regions. As a result, though about 96 percent of the population listed themselves as Thai in 2010, there are vast cultural and linguistic differences among them. So, when travellers explore this country during their holidays, they will find locals with varied dialects and languages. There are over 30 ethnic groups here, which may be best grouped according to the family of languages they speak. These families are generally taken to be Tai-Kadai, Mon-Khmer, Sino-Tibetan, Malayo-Polynesian and Miao-Yao.


The groups that speak these languages are the Tai Yuan, Isan, Lu, Phu Thai, Saek, Shan, Tai Dam and Tai Nua. The Tai Yuan people mostly inhabit the northern part of the kingdom of Thailand while the Isans mainly live in the north-eastern part. Originally, from Lao ethnicity, the Isans were forcefully assimilated into the national culture…

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