Beautiful Beaches Thailand part 2 by jackie

Thailand has some of the most beautiful beaches and they run from lot of activity to secluded.  I have just visited a handful as there are hundreds!  I am using some of my favorite photos and will provide a link to see more of a particle beach as I have written about most of them.  As a photographer I like energy in the photo so often will have dark clouds which is not what a tourist wanting to go to the beach wants to see,  but here in Thailand, most days are nice. To see more of my FINE ART of SE ASIA by jackie littletaylor photography  This part 2  of Beautiful Beaches Thailand  to go to part 1 

Kamala Beach Phuket

Located north of Patong about 15 minutes away. Very nice beach with places to eat and party.  Not the nightlife of Patong.

Kamala Beach evening

Laem Sing Beach Phuket

Laem Sing is my favorite beach with the camera.  The beach is not big and its a steep walk from the parking area down to the beach but worth it. There are places to eat and drink here.

enjoy sunset laem Sing Beach


Have you been to any of these?  always welcome comments and if like to share your adventure  PLEASE!

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