Chef Mummy Tan

Being a Singaporean and Chinese, I love casually walking in Chinatown during the Chinese New Year period to indulge in the ambience (but beware of the long queue outside the Bak Kwa Store “Lim Chee Guan”). Chinatown is another great location with lots of hidden gems (food) and one of my favourite is the Hock Lam Beef located at 22 China Street #01-01 Far East Square (situated near the parking entrance of Far East Square).


Well-known for their Teochew Beef Kway Teow, the Hock Lam Beef is currently handed-down to their 4th generation, Ms Tina Tan (since 2004). They have been upholding their standards and quality to be acknowledged as a True Singaporean Heritage Delicacy since 1911.

*More informations can be obtained at their website |


I have been craving for beef since my 2nd trimester of this pregnancy. There used to be many  impressive beef noodle stores during my…

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