Next Stop! Mai Chau!

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In our Next Stop! series we explore areas accessible from Halong Bay that can be combined with a Halong Bay tour. With Paradise Vietnam opening the Paradise Suites Hotel, which extends the services of a Halong luxury cruise on land, moving on from Halong Bay is easier than ever before.

In December we looked at Sapa, the jewel of the northern mountains, but this month we are focusing on Mai Chau. Often considered the easier alternative to Sapa, Mai Chau is a mere 2 hours from Hanoi. Unfortunately though, as Halong Bay sits to the east and Mai Chau lies to the west, most routes from Halong Bay to Mai Chau still take you through Hanoi. It is a long 5/6 hour journey but for those who don’t mind long bus rides and/or are limited with regard to time, this is an option worth considering.

Halong Bay to Mai Chau still means going through Hanoi Halong Bay to…

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