Wat [temple] Ban Rai at Nakhon-Rachasima Thailand. by KanyaฺBotan

Wat [temple] Ban Rai at Nakhon-Rachasima Thailand. by KanyaBotan


The Luang Phor Khun Pari-Suttho Sanctuary or Thep Witthayakhom Sanctuary is at Wat Ban Rai at Dan Khun-Tod at Nakhon-Ratchasima Thailand. Here is the religion park in the middle of the lake.  Here is the sanctuary made from Ceramic Largest in Asia in the lake 30 acres and built in year 2011. Here for the visitors can’t walk in by your self so must by guide take you go only. Open daily 8.00 am. – 5.00 pm.


The art for here made from lots of colors ceramic from 20 millions mosaic by the handmade of the peoples live near area the temple, being this is The King Naga Bridge. The poles around the building are talk about the nativity of Buddha all 523 life and have 4 doors about 4 seraph, just different character. No.1 is God of cultivation door. No.2 is God of death door. No.3 is The Indra door. no.4 isThao Wes-suwan door. [one seraph of Buddhism].


Designer and Consultant Art Architecture for…

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