Sunshine Bar Rawai Phuket Thailand Review by jackie

What a fun place and I think different as the crew dance and sang for all of us for entertainment!

crew of entertainment Sunshine Bar


Located Rawai Phuket Thailand along Rawai Beach. I had a friend  Cathy and Gary’s South East AsiaTravel Pages  recommend the place.  I got there about 8pm and was for just awhile the only person there, but was surprised that the crew was singing and dancing.  I have lived in Thailand for some time but was surprised to see the little show going on.  They went on all night, taking breaks to serve drinks and take care of the customers.  Mostly expats like me with their wives and family.  The prices on the drinks were good and the service very good and friendly.  Thumbs Up  4 stars  great place!

The owner is Jimmy  and she provides free Wifi along with a very colorful and entertaining place

map on where and click HERE for a larger map   Phone 66 0895898014

Map Sunshine Bar

and now for some photos


Travel Safety

looking in  at the sunshine bar


Have you been here?  we love to hear from you  comments and if would like to share your journey  Please! 

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