Wat Chiang Mun in Chiang Mai Thailand. by KanyaBotan.

Wat Chiang Mun is in Racha-Phakinai Road, Sriphum Meang District in Chiang Mai Thailand. This is first temple of construction Chiang Mai City and the faith of local people is if want to “stability” must come to this temple for pray because the name of temple mean is stability. (Mun = มั่น)

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Wat Chiang Mun is first temple of construction Chiang Mai City, Phaya Mengrai first monarch of the House of Lanna to ordered to be built in the old his palace in year 1296 after finished construction Chiang Mai City. The Big Chapel is a Lanna Style and Buddha Statue President is inside and have a lot beautiful Murals.


The small Chapel is adjacent with the big Chapel, inside have important Buddha Statues are  Phra Kaew Khao Buddha Statue and Phra Sira torture the elephant [mold] Buddha Statue. The Murals are talking about the history of the Buddha.


Chang Lom Pagoda is a Lanna Art Style is behind the big Chapel. 16 elephants statues are on the base Pagoda was influenced by Sukhothai Art. And in front are Naga staircase, the top is the bell model.

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Map of Wat Chiang Mun  click HERE  for a larger map

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 12.04.40 PM



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influenced by Sukhothai Art. And in front are Naga staircase, the top is the bell model. Scripture hall is in middle the water for keeping all the Scripture, is behind the  Chang Lom Pagoda.

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