Sea foods at Don Hoi Lod in Thailand. by KanyaBotan.

Don Hoi Lod is in Samut Songkram province in Thailand,   is a sandbar off the coast of Samut Songkhram Province at the northwestern tip of the Bay of Bangkok.

Don Hoi Lot : A sandbank on the mouth of the Mae Klong River. It was formed by the sedimentation of sandy soil which the villagers here call “Sai Khi Pet”. In the area of the sandbank there are many shellfish such as Hoi Lot (razor clam), Hoi Lai (undulated surf clam), Hoi Puk (Ridged Venus clam), Hoi Pak Pet (tongue shell), Hoi Khraeng (cockle) and many more.

The mudflat Don Nai is located directly at the coast and accessible by car. At Chu Chi village several sea food restaurants offer the local shells; also the highly-revered shrine of Prince Chumphon Khet-Udomsak attracts Thai visitors.

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see about how to cook Hoi Lod Pud Cha or Fried Razor clam with red curry paste Thai food :


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