Koh Sichang Island at Chonburi Thailand. by KanyaBotan.

Koh Sichang Island at Chonburi Thailand, so I just will go to Sriracha (ศรีราชา in Thai)  and turn to Koh Loy Park (เกาะลอย in Thai). Here have car park and walk to the port for go to Koh Sichang (เกาะสีชัง in Thai) Island just buy the ticket 50 Bath / person. Boats depart every hour since 7 am. – 7 pm. The boat have 2 floors up to you where you want to sit.  t, when see the Lighthouse that mean came to Koh Sichang Island right now, so wait that boat to drop. The transport here have pickup , motorcycle, Skylab bike. The pickup so expensive  but  4-6 persons for group so Skylab bike better 250 Bath / day and don’t limited time. The motorcycle 250 Bath / day for rent.

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The Vachiravut Bridge View Point (สะพานวชิราวุธ in Thai) or Chong Khao Kad (ช่องเขาขาด in Thai) , can walk to the beach name is Had Hin Klom (หาดหินกลม in Thai) but this beach can’t play or swim so can only see view.

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Had Thum Phung Beach (หาดถ้ำพัง in Thai) is a small beach and one beach only for play and swim ,  the sand and  water so clean but the fresh water very expensive for here and here is   the point for to see the Sunset down to the sea.

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The evening The Lighthouse so open the light and change the colors too so beautiful.

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