Climbing Mt. Batulao


Earlier this month, my boyfriend, my best friend and I climbed Mt. Batulao, a popular destination in Batangas with only 2,661 feet in elevation. It’s an easy climb, according to bloggers and true enough, it only took us 2 hours to get to the peak, and around an hour to get back down to our car. Before all that though, we woke up extra early so we could have breakfast at the popular Breakfast at Antonio’s. It was around 8 am when we arrived at the restaurant. The sun was shining, the cool Tagaytay breeze was very enjoyable and the food was simply delicious.

Breakfast at Antonio's Breakfast at Antonio’s

The view from the restaurant is the famous Taal Volcano, sitting silently on its lake.

Taal Volcano Taal Volcano

After our yummy brekky & coffee, we went to KC Hillcrest to park our car. According to some blogs, the tricycle ride from Hillcrest to the starting…

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