My Private Chef lovely story of an amazing young woman by jackie

 Interview Selly Paengkeaw

I am a fine art photographer and like most photographers or artist always looking for beauty. When I see a photo that is really amazing I admire the person that created the image or art.  Sometimes in life you run across a person that life is beautiful ( the story).  I saw My Private Chef on a FB group that I started Thai Dishes, recipes, fruits, produce, spices.   How  well done the presentation caught my eye.  I am always looking for a person that might want to join our Magazine, so research her FB page and read what she had to say and the reviews. I have never done an interview for our magazine before except for guest photographers. In life we have doors that can lead us to success, failure, happiness etc.  Sometimes it takes courage to open that door. After we open that door, do we take advantage and make the most of it? our waste it!    Selly Paengkeaw OPEN The DOORS and made the most of it. I hope I can tell her story so you too can see what she has done!   So here is the interview.

My Private Chef

Selly Paengkean  what got you interested in cooking being a Chef?

I have always loved to cook, right from an early age I would help my Mother with cooking for our extended family and neighbors, it is great to watch others enjoy the food you make.

Selly Paengkeaw

Selly Paengkeaw


Did your family teach you, they in the food business?

My Mother cooks for a local primary School

where are you from?

I am from a little village called Sawang Dan Din about 70 KM South of Udon Than

where did you learn to be a chef? school, working learn from another chef?

I was given a Job about 4 years ago on a part time basis cleaning Baan Tassani a luxury beach front Penthouse in Kata. Guests at this Villa were and are very particular on every detail of there stay. The Villa had a private Chef, I took every opportunity to watch, help and learn. I quickly understood the standards required and expected from international guest.

Phuket Beach Villa Rentals

Phuket Beach Villa Rentals

comments my chef

List of experience  about your business

When the Penthouse Private Chef left, I was offered the opportunity to quit cleaning and become the Penthouse new Private Chef I have been cooking for the Penthouse for over 3 years now, and have been fortunate enough to travel and visit some of the best Hotels and restaurants in Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore, Macau, and Columbo. This has given me new culinary insights, and opened my heart to foods outside of Thai cuisine. Something I did not even try 4 years ago

My comment   when she answered quit cleaning and became the new chef   That was when it conformed for me, this was a person that will open that door to learn.

Catering  where do you go?  How far will you travel?   How many are on your staff and do they all speak english?

I’m not sure I understand this question, do you mean where do I offer the service or buy produce, or something else. if for service I will go most anywhere in Phuket to cook for clients. produce I buy from Villa Market, Makro sometimes and local fresh markets but not for meat or Fish, meat I will only buy from Villa Market or Makro due to hygiene concerns, Fish I will try and get from the fresh fish market in Rawai. I have two part time staff, both help me with cleaning. setting up the Table and serving drinks when required. Both helpers speak good english, and have Restaurant serving experience.

You do cooking classes   can you tell us a little about them

Cooking classes are a lot of fun, the guests are involved in the whole process from preparing the food items adding ingredients, cooking and presentation. I also offer a Market experience where the guests have the option of joining me at the local market to experience this part of Thai culture. Cooking classes are also done in the privacy of there holiday Villa and Guests seem to enjoy and appreciate the more personal service given than that of a large class in a cooking School.

How much time do you need on a booking reservation and do you cook other dishes besides Thai?

This depends on how busy we are usually we can help the guests with just 24hrs notice. Yes, I cook for parties who request typical Party foods such as buffalo chicken wings or shrimp, burgers, sliders, onion rings and also Sunday Roast dinners, some Italian pasta dishes. My cooking time at home I use my partner who is English as a Ginea Pig so is happy if not putting on a few extra kilos because of it. He has helped me with my English, correcting every missed said word or phrase and still does 4 years later, he also sent me to english classes when we we first met and helps and advises me, this has really helped me to expand on my abilities, enjoy new foods and experience new places so a thank you to Andrew for all his help and for recognizing something in me that others did not.

You seem very  smart about promoting using social media!!!  Besides facebook do you use other  like twitter ?   How much of your business comes from Facebook  compared to referrals ?

  Vacation Home rental is where most of the clients come from, I started a free Facebook group called Phuket tropical villas as a service to Villa owners and agents and also so it would access potential clients for MY Private Chef service.

my chef

my chef

Facebook is getting me known, but so far all of the cooking has come from referrals, I have been putting a lot of effort with the help of my partner into Facebook that I hope will show some reward in time. I have opened a twitter account but have not learned how to use it yet, I am still trying to figure Facebook out honestly.

I would add that I also am now placing My Private Chef brochures in Phuket Holiday Villas this offers Holiday Villas an additional service to there guests without any involvement of the villa owner or operator. They benefit from improved reviews because of this add on service and because of the service. My last two dinner party guests who both reviewed my food on trip advisor stated my food and service was easily as good Mom Tris Kitchen and the Blue elephant. A very nice compliment I am proud of.

Thank you for the interview and the best of luck in your business.

Thank you for your time, it is much appreciated,

Best Regards,


Contact Information:

Selly Paengkeaw

Phuket, Thailand 

phone country code for Thailand +66  088 761 4730



some of her reviews

comments my chef comments my chef

comments my chef comments my chef comments my chef comments my chef


 recent brochures






7 Comments on “My Private Chef lovely story of an amazing young woman by jackie

  1. Thanks again Jackie for your interview, I have just reposted on Facebook. Many thanks for the time you took in doing this for me. My best wishes, Selly.


  2. Hey Jackie. I’m impressed. For a first interview it’s really good and I like the way you have presented it. Unfortunately I have no control over the presenattion of my TDN interviews. I think you have given me an idea!!

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