Going to the Doctor

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We are lucky that we are both fairly healthy individuals.  But even the healthiest person in the world is bound to need a doctor from time to time.  We’ve had a few experiences at the clinic now, and overall I am impressed with both the quality of health care and how it is administered.

Our very first experience with a doctor was early in the fall.  Micah had some pain in his foot, so much so that he couldn’t really walk comfortably.  In the U.S., in a new city, we would consult our insurance website to find a doctor near us.  So that’s what we did.  We found a doctor in private practice a few blocks away.  Micah called and tried to make an appointment, but they told him to just show up, so we did.  Apparently it’s first come first serve.  I don’t really know if there are considerations…

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