looking for a Place Rent or Buy Phuket Thailand by jackie

house in phuket.com

House In Phuket


If your looking for a place to rent, buy or long term rental, this is a great place to check out. I have known Wellta the owner for many years, done business with her and always professional and honest.  Her site has great photos and descriptions to help you.  When I first used her site, was looking for long term rental and was working in the middle east. I was just coming to Thailand for my holidays so did not have the time when here in Phuket to look around.  Looking thru her web site, found a place, made all the arrangements and when I got here and saw the place, WAS EXACTLY as her site photos showed.


above is an example of few houses in a price range that you can select and area  buy or rent

wellta If you are interested in buying or renting  She has a good sight for you to educate yourself on what is offered and prices.

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